27 junio 2018


The students who took part in the mobilities during the Erasmus project in 2018 became teachers in 1ESO where they presented the three countries that had taken part in the project, how they participated in the project and some of the activities they did. 

One of the tools of the project which has been frequently used is Padlet. We even had a personal mail from the makers as we  answered their customer survey with our personal  positive review of the tool. Have a look at some of the wonderful examples made by the students in their  English projects and some videos of their presentations in 1ESO 

In the visit to Málaga the students were asked to study what they were going to see and create a padlet and a Kahoot after the trip which they used in their presentations .

But using all these new  digital tools  created a debate about using mobiles in the school Here is an article about it that triggers the discussion  and our students tips for the use of phones

06 junio 2018


Last stage of the Erasmus Plus Project Maintaining an evergreen teaching in the age of 3.0 with the IPSSCTS partners I.Einaudi (Varese, Italy), the Mihai Ionescu Institute (Bucharest, Romania) and the IES Eduardo Janeiro (Fuengirola, Spain)

The students participating in the Erasmus Plus project have visited  Romania  from  21 to 26 of May. A group of 15 students accompanied by two teachers were welcomed at the Mihai Ionescu Institute in Bucharest where they also met their  Italian partners . The students were hosted by the families responding to the Spanish hospitality in Fuengirola. During the stay in Bucharest the group followed the program of the project that included activities in the classroom and visits organized by the Romanian partner. On the first day, after some ice breaker games the students presented their projects to the assigned groups . The presentations from Spain were excellent and we felt very proud of  our representatives.

Throughout the week there were several visits where the students as well as learning about the history, geography, nature, architecture and art of the country, could share experiences and learned to live respecting and approaching different learning rhythms, level, cultures and religions from knowledge and mutual respect. At the end of the day the lesson and practice of the multicultural coexistence continued in the houses where they were hosted. The week ended with a day in the TV studio Speranta with the participation in a recording of the morning program and an editing lesson of the material collected by the students during the week's activities

Speranta TV 
Spanish and Italian speakers
Spanish audience

MS Manea, Romanian Coordinator 
MS Zonca,Italian Coordinator 
               Ms Quijano ,Spanish Coordinator

This concludes the last stage of this project where they have exchanged practices of didactic use of new technologies combined with cooperative learning and problem solving  and learning about the country in the families.

From here we congratulate all the participants for the work done and we hope that the seed sown grows creating a more respectful, united Europe.The friendship with Romania and Italy has grown and we hope that we have opened doors to continue in the future working together opening minds, changing lives

04 mayo 2018


IES Eduardo Janeiro school has celebrated their second International Fair where each group has chosen a country to prepare posters with information about the geography and history, the culture and traditions ,the food, famous people and the music. All the work was done in English. 
The students had to do some research about the themes proposed and do some research to put it in the posters which  would decorate their classes first and illustrate the presentations they had to do of the country to the judges ( a group of six bilingual teachers) . The presentations were of a very high standard and quality.
The tasks involved everybody and they developed their own creative ways to introduce their work. some received the teachers with music or even with a gift. They disguised in beautiful traditional clothes of the country, some of them with fantastic make up. 
The project which also involved the tutors was a practical lesson of flipped classroom combined with cooperative learning and it was very appreciated and enjoyed by the students. 

On the second part of the day all the classes participated in an international parade before they opened the fair with the workshops and food tasting that they were so much looking forward to. Here are some pictures of the event and the news on ftv .